The Joseph Calling #5

July 14, 2016
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We need to develop a new mind-set relative to strategic alliances with the Pharaohs and Cyrus’ of our day. Again, this relates strongly to overcoming the mind-set of exclusiveness. This exclusiveness operating within the church is so engrained that it is not always a conscious thing. And breaking out of this old mind-set, will be foundational to be able to seize the Lord’s opportunities with strategic alliances. And there indeed will be unusual strategic alliances.

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The Joseph Calling #4

July 14, 2016
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Joseph not only fed the people, he kept the economy alive. He orchestrated the restoration that was needed when the crisis was over. The verses to this point deal with the general population under Joseph’s charge. But what is significant is what was happening to God’s people during this same time. The answer is in verse 27. “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly.”

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Joseph Calling #3

July 14, 2016
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It is within these times that a company of Josephs …. some operating individually …… some in groups or networks …… Josephs who, as visionary servant leader administrators …… by the hand of God, are going to be thrust into positions of influence and authority ….. and as a result ….. will be playing a pivotal role in changing the course of nations ….. in preparation for; and as we enter the harvest. Joseph’s most distinguishing characteristics will be…..

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The Joseph Calling #2

July 14, 2016
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These Josephs will be individuals who clearly hear God’s voice and who possess a unique understanding of the times, who will be thrust into positions of influence within the economic, governmental and business infrastructures that guide the course of world events; and much as in the days of Joseph, the needs of the Body and the funding of the coming harvest will be met in unusual ways, as God taps the Body into His unlimited resources and unites us in a common singular vision.

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The Joseph Calling #1

July 14, 2016
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It will be a time in which the Lord anoints gifted believers, in similar fashion to the Daniels and Josephs of old, with favor and wisdom to penetrate and operate in the midst of the fabric of societies — business, government, education, the media — to bring about His purposes, for His people and for the purpose of offering hope to the spiritually lost, starving and dying of the world. It will be a time of unusual strategic alliances between the Lord’s chosen, and uniquely chosen persons of the world; much like Pharaoh in the time of Joseph, or like King Cyrus who was responsible for returning the Jewish exiles to Jerusalem; persons in pivotal positions who are inclined toward the Lord, His people and God’s purposes.

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Perspectives and Opportunity

June 24, 2016
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The issue first relates to what in Jewish tradition might be termed the Issachar context — of understanding the times and knowing what to do. Understanding the times presumes a perspective based on a realistic worldview. Otherwise, the presumption of knowing what to do will be flawed and fall short. The issue also has a specific bearing on our priorities and what we consider as opportunity — as we seek to live according to God’s priorities, in advancing what has long been referred to as the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, the priorities of believers in the West, typically, have little semblance to the priorities of believers in the two-thirds of the world with little or no middle class. While the Western Church has never been short on charity and philanthropy in its response to the realities faced by those in the rest of the world; yet strategically, the model for transformation, by and large, has been a short-sighted, Western model, based on a subtle element of Western dependency. It has fallen short in establishing non-Western believers to be the head and not the tail in their own lands. So, the stark realities of oppression, persecution and poverty, that prevail across the majority of the world, remain.

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The Secret Things

March 18, 2015
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God’s presence triggers secrets or mysteries beyond our natural comprehension that give release to His creativity. Touching His presence sets in motion the unlimited dimension of His glory, as His very nature overflows with the creative. The very process sparks change. As Isaiah was reaching beyond himself and ran into God’s presence, God’s presence unveiled a secret, which Isaiah embraced. The authority to unfold the creative process followed, as Isaiah’s response to his calling released him into becoming a force for change that would reshape everything around him. Isaiah’s response made him an integral part of this process, this progressive rhythm, this pulse in God. For those entering this dimension in God, change will result. For the person walking out a calling, the first thing that will happen will be that the perspective will change. It’s more than just revelation. It begins inwardly before it can be released outwardly. Encountering God’s presence for Isaiah brought the wise reply of: “Woe is me. I am a man of unclean lips among a people of unclean lips.” The response of repentance changes your thinking and begins the process.

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Praying for You

January 23, 2015
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Foremost at the core of praying for others is the reality of the time we spend in God’s presence. That time is not designed as an exercise or an obligation. There should be a passion for His presence that turns us into firebrands who go around igniting revival. What we impart to others should be an overflow from that time spent with Him. While we each need time alone with the Lord, our lives should simultaneously reflect an ongoing consciousness of His presence, a reciprocal flow of spiritual oneness. Jesus described this ongoing oneness with the oneness He had with the Father. Jesus outlines a level of reciprocity that marks seasoned, mature believers. It is the lifeblood for operating as instruments of God’s purpose with results that defy what we consider as the natural order of things. It involves embracing and then extending the presence and friendship of God to those bound by the devil and the precepts of men.

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Doing Good

November 30, 2014
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The Apostle James strongly emphasizes holding to the standard as DOERS of the word. The admonition is to make it a lifestyle. Jesus points to the big-picture with the priority He calls on to be given to the stewardship of preparation and doing. The big picture purpose will become clearer as we get our interim priorities aligned. Then God’s judgment against evil will trigger the gates to His glory being manifested within the household of faith. The world sees beyond the press releases and promotional spins given by the household of faith. The world is looking for the reality of God. The process, as a people — not the end — is our witness. That’s why revival is so significant. God’s presence is a consuming fire. It’s the irresistible draw that cuts past the superficial and phony and gives focus to what matters and what is real. For those awash in the evil and turbulence taking place in the world today, we — the household of faith — are the signposts and lifeboats. People will be drawn by what they see operating within our ranks. When we get the “doing good” right, THEN the reality of God is demonstrated, which draws the world like a magnet. The big picture is in doing good, but getting it right first within the household of faith.
“So, let your light shine before men, that they may see your GOOD WORKS and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matt 5:16

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Response to Evil

November 23, 2014
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At the core of the way of the Kingdom is how we respond to evil. Our mind-sets play a significant role in this response. The first premise is that we cannot hope for much by responding in our own strength or cleverness, no matter how much we verbalize it. It takes a great deal more, even for the most talented. Psalm 60 describes a people who have strayed and lost the power and protection of God against evil. It outlines the need to be restored and highlights what is required to maintain that place in which God intervenes on their behalf. Over the centuries, the Lord has imparted banners and standards for the good of His people. They serve an initial function to help us avoid the subtleties of evil. When ignored, they still provide the means of deliverance, although at a higher cost when evil inroads can only be met by judgment. The banner displayed gives first priority to embracing the unequivocal fear of the Lord. That calls for a choice. The standard then sets the stage to unveil the truth and the reality of God that empowers deliverance. It is the foundation from which we can cry out to the Lord and expect the manifestation of His power. Bondages result when God’s supernatural standards are watered down with the natural. Within the Body are many who enjoy God’s blessings yet are constrained from crossing the boundaries into what is represented by the fullness of their callings. The constraints typically are self-imposed, driven by precepts of men, with the standards influenced by both individual and cultural mind-sets and predispositions. The response to evil draws a line in the sand. Not recklessly or arbitrarily, but rather as a choice and a priority to uphold the standard. That choice is contrary to the way the world responds. That sometimes means sacrifice. Yet, that choice is the very foundation that Jesus imparted to His followers during His three year earthly ministry.

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