Why Is There A Need For The Strategic Intercession Global Network™?

SIGN’s focus is globally-impacting events and issues that are strategic in nature. We live in critical times. These are times in which the time spent in intercession will bear much fruit.

Because of the tempo and prophetic nature of the times we are in, we give special focus to Israel, issues of persecution and to the calling emerging in the marketplace. The following issues are ones considered pivotal by the SIGN intercession team:

  • Understanding the Times:  Spiritual Warfare and Strategies
  • Jewish Business Secrets and Israel
  • Persecuted Believers and Anti-Semitism
  • Kingdom Leadership and Maturity
  • Spiritual Renewal and the Prophetic
  • The Kingdom of God and God’s Economy

In summary, the SIGN advisory team reviews and releases targets of significance as the Holy Spirit directs, without concern or apology for the volume or lack of it. Some may prefer to follow the summaries at our Global Initiatives web site , our YouTube videos (under Morris Ruddick) or on our Facebook pages (under Morris Ruddick … Pages: Strategic Intercession Global Network; Joseph-Daniel Calling Marketplace Testimonies; Jewish Business Secrets). Others will want the more detailed posts and updates that come from being members of SIGN’s e-mail list.

We live in a time in times in which it is vital to understand God’s heart and priorities. For leaders and intercessors that requires regular cleansing from the clutter and clamor. We need timely wisdom and guidance from on high, that is hot off the wire. The following YouTube video is a part of a series on God’s strategies which require hearing His voice.

This requires time in His presence and time in His word and regular cleansing from the spiritual pollution around us to prepare our hearts to receive from the Lord. We suggest the following prayer as a means of regular cleansing for those seeking to walk in His presence. Be refreshed!

“Lord God, in the Name of Yeshua (Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew), I come boldly in humility before Your throne. Cleanse my heart O God. Thank You that I’m cleansed by the blood of Yeshua and that the Holy Spirit lives within me. And now, I bring every thought and attitude of my mind along with every impression in my heart into captivity to the obedience of Yeshua. Lord, I want to hear what You have to say. I trust You to communicate to me. And in the Name of Yeshua, I take authority over every fleshly stronghold along with every demonic and interfering spirit. I forbid any enemy activity to operate in my mind or soul. I open my heart to the Holy Spirit to inspire, to guide, to illuminate and reveal to me truth, insights and perspectives that will anoint and guide my efforts in all that You have before me. I take authority over fear, anxiety, deception, seducing, confusing, critical or condemning spirits in the Name of Yeshua and forbid you to interfere with or in any way to imitate God’s voice to me. Lord, I thank You for being in charge of every aspect of my being and for all You are unfolding in Your plans for me. I look forward to walking in these new dimensions with you and for what You have planned for me through it. In the the Name of Yeshua.”

Who Can Participate By Becoming Members of the SIGN E-Mail List?

Any committed believer in Jesus, who is called to the ministry of intercession, is an active part of an existing intercessory team, and agrees to abide by the primary purpose of the Strategic Intercession Global Network is welcome to join. Our purpose is the operation of an effective, global network of discerning intercessors. Typically SIGN e-mail members serve as representatives to local teams of intercessors and lead them in fervent intercession related to the identified targets. SIGN members also periodically submit input from their own prayer closets to the SIGN advisory team for prayerful targeting consideration.

How Can I Become A Member of the SIGN E-Mail List?

Membership to the e-mail group involves filling out a SIGN application for approval. SIGN members are those who are called as intercessors, who are in good standing with and typically an active part of a local Body of believers. Approval may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending upon circumstances.

You can subscribe to SIGN by filling out an application. If you have any further questions, please write to the administrator at

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