by Morris E Ruddick

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Days of revival are manifesting again. However, it carries new dimensions. It is manifesting strongly in the marketplace and in some of the most unlikely places. It dovetails with the rebirth of Israel and ancient mysteries tied to the restoration of God’s order and covenant promises made long ago. It is a mantle of fire, one empowering leaders whose callings are patterned after the Patriarch Joseph, a company of forerunners prepared with great authority to bring change. It is an out-of-the box mantle that faces the turbulence of the times with alliances that strategically employ secular enterprises serving Kingdom agendas. As the Body once again embraces its position of power with the mantle of fire, its light and power will shatter the darkness and become the critical mass toward releasing the power that actuates the fulfillment of the resurrection in making all things new for the age being birthed.


by Morris E Ruddick

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Book Summary

The world’s system is being shaken. Tenets of leadership considered benchmarks are undergoing reevaluation. One of the biggest challenges for Christian leaders, especially within the marketplace, is the balance between functioning in their own ability and yielding to God’s headship as leaders. For many, the acceptable inclination is blending their “natural abilities” and what has been gleaned from the world’s system, with an icing of polite ethics and a “praise the Lord.” Yet, the heroes of faith reversed the equation. Having heard from God, they harnessed their natural abilities to conform to and support an ongoing flow of direction and wisdom from the Lord. Everything else sprang from that. It is a higher standard. During turbulent times, it is back to basics. What endures is drawn from God’s truth. Leadership by Anointing uncovers the principles, pathways and models of biblical leadership in practice with God’s covenant people over the centuries.


By Morris E Ruddick

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Righteous power goes against the grain. It doesn’t operate like worldly power. It’s the way of the Kingdom. Jesus described the application of righteous power as being a narrow, difficult path. Employing righteous power is a leadership calling. It builds and wields influence and is a catalyst for opportunity that brings blessing. It demonstrates the reality of God to those in darkness. It is a calling requiring getting the model, the mandate and the mantle right. It is a calling releasing societal change. This book outlines the elements of the God’s economy entrepreneurial program being applied in lands of persecution and oppression with results far exceeding expectations. It’s a proactive interaction with the Lord that can serve as a means to bring change by mentoring the destinies of leaders; launching and operating a purposeful business; or penetrating the veil through the stewardship of a ministry seeking the narrow path.




By Morris E Ruddick

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For those chosen, the Joseph-Daniel calling requires “something more.” The “something more” marks true Kingdom leadership with a maturity that endures. It demands a cost far beyond spoon feeding, or the good intentions, ambitions, or any other notion of man. While the more easily digestible milk mode referred to in Hebrews comes primarily from absorbing information, the meat or proactive mode to maturity takes time, dedication and a first-priority commitment. It is the dividing asunder between the many who are called and the few who are chosen. This book outlines a pathway to steward your calling. It is not designed for those focused on their comforts, the lusts of the flesh or the love of the world. If taken seriously and acted on; it will release the meat of maturity leading to “something more” than might ever come from the best of human efforts.



By Morris E Ruddick

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Book Summary

These are times that cry out for true leadership in the Body, the type that unites and mobilizes. It is a leadership of sacrifice, whose practitioners refuse to acquiesce to the safe places that fall short; or be seduced by the rule of power or the rule of profit that lures those called by His Name into the intrigues and games played by the world. They are a remnant whose calling is directly from God; not presumption, ambition or any other quest emerging from the heart of man. These are the ones with the leadership mantle of Joseph and Daniel, who are facing the realities, paying the cost and faithfully stewarding their callings of bringing forth God’s Kingdom. These are the ones who will themselves receive the keys to release the Kingdom in their domains. These are the ones with the heart of a king.


God’s Economy, Israel and the Nations

By Morris E Ruddick

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Book Summary

Genesis 26 describes the dynamic of God’s economy. It says: “there was famine in the land and the Lord appeared to Isaac and said, ‘Dwell in this land and I will be with you and will bless you and I will perform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father.'” God’s economy operates against all odds, which is not an option for those living in lands of persecution and distress and it is emerging as a chief strategy for operating a business or ministry in this post-9/11 environment.

God’s economy is based on God’s Kingdom rule and embraces not only the realities of God’s spiritual riches, but the community (social) and economic riches outlined throughout the Word of God. It is the reemergence of the ancient biblical principles of entrepreneurship, business and Kingdom wealth.


The Joseph-Daniel Calling

By Morris E Ruddick

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Book Summary

In the face of political instabilities, economic reversals, fear, and uncertainty, Kingdom opportunities not obvious to the world are quietly on the rise. These Kingdom agendas reflect an interlinking of secular enterprises with overriding ministry objectives.

What is emerging is a move of God in the marketplace that will parallel the rise of the parachurch ministry movement of the early fifties. At the forefront of this movement is a group of men and women of God called in the same way as Joseph and Daniel of the Bible. Modern-day Josephs and Daniels will serve strategically as instruments of God’s purpose in secular positions of influence within seats of power of this world. This book addresses the dynamics of this calling, God’s economy, and the preparation, character, and challenges of these uniquely called Josephs and Daniels. Among other agendas, they will be facilitators of the release of the wealth of the wicked into Kingdom initiatives.

Author Profile

MORRIS E. RUDDICK is a business executive, consultant, entrepreneur, intercessor, conference speaker, board member, and writer. He is at the forefront of mobilizing a unique group of anointed marketplace leaders, referred to as modern-day Josephs and Daniels. As head of a market planning consulting firm serving an array of clients from Fortune 500 firms to respected ministries, his expertise includes business planning, forecasting emerging markets, developing business strategies, funding initiatives, modeling entrepreneurial bypass strategies, and applying principles of biblically based businesses. He was chief architect in two successful corporate turnarounds. His ministry activities target strengthening the brethren in locales ranging from Afghanistan to Israel. But the foundation of both his business and ministry activities is his role in leading a global intercession ministry known as SIGN (Strategic Intercession Global Network), which has as its purpose targeting strategic-level issues impacting the Body on a global basis.


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This nine DVD set outlines a practical, yet extremely potent program from which spiritually-minded entrepreneurs can gain purposeful, financial freedom that advances God’s Kingdom through their combined gifts, biblical entrepreneurship, partnership with God and service to the community.  Rather than a warmed-over Western business model sprinkled with inspiration, this approach reflects the model outlined in Scripture, on how to operate a “God-centered, entrepreneurial community.” It is the framework this ministry employs to mobilize and make God’s people the head and not the tail in lands of persecution and oppression.


Over the ages, God has chosen the most unlikely candidates, to employ the most unlikely strategies to achieve the most unlikely results. Understanding the issues of God’s footprint in the patterns of the top-down versus bottom-up economies bears significantly on understanding the times and knowing what to do. This Out-of-the-Box talk will inspire a fresh look at the practical ways those called to the marketplace can make a difference.


This 2008 talk preceded the wobbles in the markets impacting global infrastructures. By addressing the issue of what the “wealth transfer” is and what it is not; this meaty talk not only provides wisdom to mapping out a pathway that yields opportunity out of crisis, but outlines a concise snapshot of the operational dimensions of the Kingdom of God within the context of the realities and reversals currently impacting our world.


The heart of a king is the heart of a true leader, those willing to sacrifice for those being served. In God’s Kingdom, they are a remnant whose calling is directly from God; not presumption, ambition or any other quest emerging from the heart of man. These are the ones with the leadership mantle of Joseph and Daniel, who are facing the realities, paying the cost and faithfully stewarding their callings of bringing forth God’s Kingdom. These are the ones who will themselves receive the keys to release the Kingdom in their domains.


In times of crisis, God has a model that yields opportunity. It begins by understanding the times and knowing what to do. The soft landing of the USAirways flight on the Hudson River was prophetically a warning. We have entered a time of preparation. With 53 of the world’s largest economies being corporations, the calling of modern-day Josephs, along with the principles of God’s economy represents the basis for navigating the uncertainties. Embracing the unlikely principles of transformation that Jesus imparted, knowing what to avoid, combined with key mind-sets for the season are foundational to discerning the pathway of opportunity in turbulent times.



This audio-CD is one of Morris’ talks about the basic dynamics of the Joseph Callling. It addresses key issues such as:
  • An understanding of the times from God’s perspective
  • Just what this broad, global Joseph calling is all about
  • God’s global purposes for the various types of Josephs He is raising up today
  • The dynamics and functions of the Joseph calling:
  • The wealth transfer: and
  • The mind-sets needed for those called as modern-day Josephs


This audio-CD was one of the teaching sessions at the 2010 international Messiah Conference.
It all begins and ends with God’s word to Abraham that: “Through you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 Despite only being a fourth of one percent of the world’s population, the Jewish people have won 23 percent of all the Noble prizes ever awarded; 27 percent since the Holocaust.  And the Noble prizes are only a fraction of the contribution. With this mantle of being blessed to be a blessing, this penetrating session outlines the key elements of the model operated by Abraham: the God-centered entrepreneurial community. Then giving focus to the original mandate of dominion; it ties it all together in practical terms to the strategy of the narrow Kingdom pathway, that Jesus imparted to His disciples before commissioning them to change the world.


This audio-CD was one of the teaching sessions at the 2011 international Messiah Conference.
Over the millennia the Jewish people not only have succeeded in retaining their identity, but in serving as catalysts and influencers to the civilizations that would rise and fall around them. Hidden within God’s word are Jewish strategies directly correlated to the Kingdom paradoxes outlined by Jesus; that have made the Jewish people to be the head and not the tail as disproportionate contributors shaping the parameters of what we now call Western civilization.


This audio-CD was one of the teaching sessions at the 2012 Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS).

Kingdom Leadership is not so much about position as it is influence. Joseph and Daniel brought great impact to the cultures around them while yet being slaves. Their identity in God and influence brought promotion as they wielded the mantle of Abraham to be blessed to be a blessing and through that served God’s purposes. Jesus’ Kingdom message is unfolded by understanding these dynamics: as God has called His own to be a culture of leaders.


This audio-CD was one of the teaching sessions at the 2012 Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS).

Through both top-down and bottom-up approaches economically, God has given principles of strategy to His people who have changed the cultures around them in their generations. Through spiritual and business nurturing within the most adverse of circumstances, exponential increase is brought through the business community who serve as community builders and opportunity enablers.


This audio-CD was the message given at Church in the City-Beth Abraham in early 2012.

Over the millennia, the Jewish people have outlived the civilizations that have come and gone around them: the Greeks, the Romans, the Ottomans, the Assyrians and so on. The Jewish people have served kings, rulers and leaders. In so doing, as disproportionate achievers and contributors, they have implanted the wisdom from God’s Word, economically, morally, judicially and governmentally into the foundations of what has become Western Civilization. The Jewish mantle to overcome undergirds Jesus’ Kingdom message which at its core serves to employ righteous power in a corrupt world.