The Joseph Calling #5

by Morris Ruddick on July 14, 2016

The Joseph Calling — #5 Video

Knowing what to do, will begin by addressing our traditional mind-sets and traditional means of serving Friends2915God’s purposes.  The Josephs of today will challenge many popular and traditional mind-sets …. mind sets that may have been appropriate for their time and purpose …. but not for the time we are entering. Mindsets like “full-time ministry.”  Mind-sets that draw the Joseph called persons out of the business sector and into a pulpit.  Mindsets such as our Western-centric, gentile Christian worldview.

Another example would be the traditional exclusive elitism, the autonomous ownership and independence of approach that so many within the church have taken in times past.  We are in a time in which we can no longer afford to operate alone.  There is a need for cooperation.  There is a need for developing broad-based cooperative alliances.

We need to develop a new mind-set relative to strategic alliances with the Pharaohs and Cyrus’ of our day.  Again, this relates strongly to overcoming the mind-set of exclusiveness.  This exclusiveness operating within the church is so engrained that it is not always a conscious thing.  And breaking out of this old mind-set, will be foundational to be able to seize the Lord’s opportunities with strategic alliances.  And there indeed will be unusual strategic alliances.



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