Prophetic Tempo

The Joseph Calling #2

July 14, 2016

These Josephs will be individuals who clearly hear God’s voice and who possess a unique understanding of the times, who will be thrust into positions of influence within the economic, governmental and business infrastructures that guide the course of world events; and much as in the days of Joseph, the needs of the Body and the funding of the coming harvest will be met in unusual ways, as God taps the Body into His unlimited resources and unites us in a common singular vision.

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The Joseph Calling #1

July 14, 2016

It will be a time in which the Lord anoints gifted believers, in similar fashion to the Daniels and Josephs of old, with favor and wisdom to penetrate and operate in the midst of the fabric of societies — business, government, education, the media — to bring about His purposes, for His people and for the purpose of offering hope to the spiritually lost, starving and dying of the world. It will be a time of unusual strategic alliances between the Lord’s chosen, and uniquely chosen persons of the world; much like Pharaoh in the time of Joseph, or like King Cyrus who was responsible for returning the Jewish exiles to Jerusalem; persons in pivotal positions who are inclined toward the Lord, His people and God’s purposes.

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The Legacy

June 14, 2016

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the Jewish phenomenon, it has been during our day, that there has emerged a global movement to glean the truths and the ways of the Jews. This awareness has extended to nations like Vietnam, who have reached out to Israel. With such unexpected alliances is a growing recognition of the legacy of the Jews. It is a legacy of power. Yet it is a different type of power. It is the power that closes the gap with creativity and discovery for the good of mankind. In talking about gaps, it is pertinent to address the gap that Jesus, as the Jewish Messiah, came to bridge. He made His Jewish identity very clear. His teachings gave focus to the purity of the issues that had become muddied. He advised His followers to give heed to the foundations held by the pharisaical Jewish leaders, but to be wary of what he referred to as the leaven of the Pharisees: the speculative religious add-ons unnecessary to know God and walk in His ways. He referred to these religious leaders of His own people who misused their positions and power for personal gain and elitism, as hypocrites. Jesus gave focus to truths that had long been foundational to what have made Jews distinctive. He pointed to their destiny, to a future that would fulfill the promises of God to His people and restore the order God had originally intended for those who believed. He dealt with the proper use of power, of righteous power, in a corrupt world. He also talked about restoration, the restoration of the foundations to form a society He referred to as the Kingdom of God. As already noted, He did all this in the context of a distinctive Jewish identity.

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The God of Strategy

February 11, 2016

The carry-through to the tipping point ushering in the strategy impacting the cultural, economic and that of power requires more. This is where the way of the Kingdom, Jesus’ central earthly message, combined with maturity in the prophetic becomes critical to God’s way of strategy. It is where the premise of “he who loves his life will lose it, but he who hates his life will gain it” becomes significant. Times of revival or renewal in the Lord are not driven by seeking ideals or their conception of solutions, but rather the One who creates the ideals and solutions. When we abandon our comfort zones and precepts, it demands a humility and commitment to His pathways. This humility and unreserved commitment to the God of strategy opens the gates and paves the way for the new thing God seeks to release among us.

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Game Changers

January 22, 2016

David went against the grain. He was misunderstood. He was chosen by God when the desires of the people to be like everyone else had hit a peak. That was and continues as the trap. It is an identity thing, but it is more than the community’s identity with God. “Being like everyone else” masks and erodes God’s power among His people, emasculating the purity of its application. With Saul, Israel had the king they wanted, yet they and Saul remained blind to the heart of God. This was the community context, the spiritual climate and the uphill challenge faced by David on his path to becoming a game-changing champion of God.

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Safe Places

November 13, 2015

The setting described in Jeremiah’s prophecy (Jeremiah 50:6) is God’s people in need of resting places is the setting reflected in many segments of the Body across the globe today and even more so in Israel. The setting among God’s people is replete with “zeal without knowledge” as described by Paul. Far too many are on very low batteries spiritually-speaking. Some are burned out due to lack of maintenance for the level of zeal with which they are operating. Some are burning out because they are running with twenty and thirty-year old operating instructions and they need a fresh word from on high for today’s times. Far too many are in a condition that is blind to the enemy’s schemes to distract and deceive. Distractions and deceptions breed discord, division and vulnerabilities in facing the realities. On the other hand, the maturity that fosters truth and His peace provides the firm ground for the pathway to provide the seasoned and empowered responses needed for the challenges and tribulations Jesus foretold for this hour.

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Business and Ministry

October 10, 2015

The release of Kingdom power will bring restoration of the ancient paths. The restoration will trigger a process. At the core will be Israel. At the climax will be the fulfillment of the Kingdom and every promise uttered by God to His covenant people. With Israel being the focal point, emphasis will be given to inventions, technologies and potential discoveries that build the foundations for Israel and God’s Kingdom intentions. Investments and alliances will have focus on Israel’s means of being self-sustaining. The strategic agendas will range from the return of the House of Israel to the land, to mechanisms that enhance the role of genuine friends of Israel, to initiatives toward Israel’s energy independence, to advanced technologies, to discoveries that bring healing and fertility to the nations.

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Covenant with Death

September 16, 2015

The Lord is restoring the biblical foundations of our faith that have been masked and replaced with paganistic precepts of men. From the days of the early Church the battle lines were fiercely deployed around issues empowering the Body, matters that kept its efforts connected to the flow of the Spirit. Systematically, the power of the Spirit once ascribed to the early church has been replaced by an anemic institutional power that has resulted in a church history rife in corruption and politics. Even today, the precepts that encourage a weak institution rather than a vibrant Spirit-led organism that changes cultures are only exceeded by those who ridicule people of faith who have sought to emulate the power of the early church, only to fall. The deception is in treating the reach as sin rather than the fall. The glory that has consistently manifested from the days of the patriarchs is being restored. From the forgotten covenants, to the foundations laid out by Moses, to the tabernacle of David, all significant elements of the vibrant dynamic of the early church, are being rediscovered and restored.

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Glory Manifested

August 7, 2015

Jesus came to raise the standard. He raised the bar. He reset the spiritual default to conform to God’s heart and priorities. Resetting priorities in this way releases the mantle of fire of God’s glory to bring change and restoration. With the glory Jesus imparted to His followers came the authority to reestablish God’s order in the midst of a world masked and ruled by disorder. The fire that Jesus had kindled manifested significantly following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Scripture describes it as a time when great fear (of God) came upon all the church and to as many who were exposed to and were hearing about the supernatural manifestations happening. It was a time marked by the consciousness of His presence in everyday life.

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The Mantle of Fire

July 20, 2015

True spiritual maturity leads. It is evidenced by those who take responsibility beyond their selves, face the fire, and penetrate the veil to reverse the bondages. The full knowledge of the Lord (Eph 4) is not a head-thing or the resolution of all our soulish issues; but rather an operational application of the mantle of fire. That doesn’t come from a Sunday-go-to-meeting, adapted to-the-world orientation. It demands a pure Kingdom mind-set and identity; by which we live by dying, our weaknesses become the seedbed for His strength, we advance by yielding and lead by serving, we bless our enemies, wisdom comes from simplicity, our purpose in life comes from giving it up, honor flows from humility and growth results from proactive generosity. Jesus raised the bar. We are in a time in which the wisdom and power that flowed in the early church is not just being restored. It will become the launch-pad for even greater levels of the release of His power and glory. Those wielding the mantle of pure fire will pierce the extremes of darkness with God’s glory and power. The pure fire has always been tied to God’s presence and the consumption of darkness in its wake. The word to the church for this day is to reach for the fire, the pure fire.

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