Guard the Gates

by Morris Ruddick on January 16, 2017

Guard the Gates

Note from Morris: We’ve entered a time of restoration, that will carry with it increases in the spiritual turbulence around us. In reading the signs of the times, keep your eyes on Israel and do not, do not become weary in reaching hard for more of the Lord.

Most of what I send out on SIGN comes from my prayer closet. However, this word is worthy of an exception and resonates deeply in my heart. It is unusual in that it provides not only a glimpse into what God is doing but the wisdom and strategy needed to bring about its fulfillment. Its author, Scott Reece is the Lead Pastor of MGT New Hope Church in Moline, IL and a contributor on the Elijah List.

May the Lord empower us each with the faith, anointing, wisdom, presence of mind and the steadfastness to prevail in order to walk out this fruitful prophecy outlining our response to the mix of spiritual turbulence and opportunity that lay before us.


As I prophetically look into 2017, I clearly hear the Lord saying that it is a “Strategic Year of Gates”. How you approach the gates of your life this year and how you respond to the gates will determine the difference in whether you experience Kingdom acceleration or deceleration. God’s intention for you is that you grow beyond your current place of advancement and that you reach new heights, new depths and discover new aspects and dimensions of His grace, favor and anointing.

God has already gone ahead of you in this upcoming year and has orchestrated divine appointments, supernatural encounters and Kingdom opportunities. Doors have already been unlocked, territories have been secured and boundaries have been expanded. The enemy has already been put on alert and demonic assignments relative to your health, your finances and ministry have been canceled. The path for your righteous advancement has been established. Heavenly armies have been organized, dispatched and are on full alert.

The Father has decreed His heavenly release over you, but His purposes, plans and passions will only come into fruition as you activate your faith towards His declared and redemptive promises and strategically approach the gates with faith, boldness and courage.

There are three specific sets of gates that you must address in 2017:

1.) The Gate of the Lord
2.) The Gates of your Natural World
3.) The Gates of Divine Opportunity

The Gate of the Lord

“Lift up your heads, O gates, And be lifted up, O ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in! Who is the King of glory? The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.” (Psalms 24:9-10)

There is an anointing, a victory, a strength and a heavenly might that has been prophetically orchestrated for you. Your “point of access” is your faith that “lifts up the gate”. The Hebrew word for “lift up” is NASA! Lifting up your gates to access the glory and the anointing is releasing those things that hinder and bind you to the limitations of your natural world. Let go of the habits, the hindrances and the hurts that are paralyzing you and keeping you bound to a life of the ordinary. Let go of your natural abilities and discover the glory, the strength of the Lord, and the might of the Lord!

The Gates of Your Natural World

In 2017, there are four primary gates that you MUST guard with diligence: The gates of what you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you think. Each of those are strategic portals that the enemy is poised to access upon your permission. In this year, the stakes are high and permission to the enemy must be denied at all costs! Many think that the opposite of faith is fear, but I believe it’s actually sight. (The opposite of fear is trust.) Remember, things aren’t always as they appear and we must walk by faith, not by sight. The voices of the demonic are like the waves of many oceans. The sounds of the demonic are often disguised as reason and logic, as well as counsel and advice from sources that are void of godly roots.

In addition to what you see and feel, you must also place a guard on your thoughts and your emotions. Take back the keys of your thought life that you have surrendered in fear. Rise up, bold as a lion, and verbally begin to refute the lies and recite the truth. The enemy will attempt to be your guide down the gallery of fear and dread that is filled with paintings of your past and more importantly of your future. But remember, the canvas of your heart belongs to the Master Creator of the universe and His work in you is a masterpiece. Refuse to take a trip in the enemy’s art gallery, but allow God to paint His vision in you!

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah is on the run for his life. He is operating in fear following his confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel. Interestingly enough, he makes his way to Mount Horeb. He gets to the mountain and hides in a cave.

So, our prophet is on the run, feeling dejected, alone, laid bare and vulnerable. Life and ministry have a way of doing that to you! The Lord sees him in there and challenges him, “What are you doing here?” And then, He gives him prophetic instruction that I believe applies to us as well: “Get out of your cave of depression and vulnerability, go stand on the mountain, in the presence of the Lord!” Resist the strategies of the enemy to lock you in a state of depression and make your way into the presence of the Lord where shackles and chains are broken!

The Gates of Divine Opportunity

The word of the Lord is, “Do not be satisfied with the status quo.” Take an assessment of the past year and then set yourself to go to a new level in God and greater accomplishments in Kingdom advancement. If you will posture yourself in advance and make yourself available for supernatural Kingdom advancement, the Lord is going to set before you “gates of divine opportunity”. You will see them, recognize them and know that God has led you to them. In fact, God has already established them in anticipation of your arrival. Open that gate in faith and expectancy—what lies before you is a place of favor, blessing and opportunity that only He could have orchestrated.

Word of the Lord:

“I have gone before you, says the Lord and have orchestrated My plans on your behalf. I have drawn the boundaries, I have established the borders of increase and have released assignments to angelic hosts to carry out My will and purposes on your behalf. As you align yourself in faith to the gates of your life, I will open and close in accordance with the strength of My Word over you. I will command circumstances to align with your word and your command. You are a vital part of what I am doing in the Earth today and My Kingdom will find expansion as you rise up in faith, power and authority!” /

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