Impact of ‘Ruddick’ Bible Reading plan

by Morris Ruddick on August 7, 2013

My wife and I have been reading for the “Ruddick” Bible-reading plan since May of 2013.   For years I have read 3 chapters in the old and 1 in the new each day…but I always seemed to bog down and that was the case this year.
Then, the one book of yours I brought with me when I relocated to Indonesia in 2010 was “Something More”.  I was drawn to your methodical Bible reading chart…and I decided to try it.  It seemed to me to be far too ambitious and time demanding…but I needed to “break the tedious cycle of my old Bible reading chart.
So I plunged into it.  Before the first month was out, my wife…who has never really read a comprehensive way of reading the Bible began to take note of the “hand made” chart of mine and she began reading the Bible along with me and together NOW we read 10 chapters a day “out loud” to each other.
We added “Acts” to the Proverbs/Psalms
Repeat books as a 10th daily chapter…
From D and B in Indonesia

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