The Joseph-Daniel Calling

by Morris Ruddick on May 25, 2012

The Joseph-Daniel Calling and Wealth Transfer’


Barbara WentrobleMarketplace  ministry spokeswoman and author. Founder of Wentroble Ministries and International Breakthrough Ministries (IBM), a network of ministers and churches. Member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders and leader for Glory of Zion Outreach

Morris Ruddick in his book, The Joseph-Daniel Calling and Wealth Transfer, gives a prophetic picture of the future for people called to the Marketplace. He emphasizes the importance of strategic alliances between believers and non-believers for accomplishing God’s purposes in the Earth. Ruddick also shows the importance of women and Israel for the transference of wealth to occur. His book will inspire many to step out of old mindsets and embrace revelation for advancing God’s Kingdom in the earth.


Dr. Bill Bolton
Tentmaker to Sudan; Founder and Former Director of Cambridge University’s St. James Innovation Centre, Businessman and Co-author of Entrepreneurs: Technique, Temperament and Talent

This book offers a new approach to business and ministry. Joseph and Daniel were both men of the world who walked with God and served him. Morris Ruddick applies their approach to our own day and in so doing challenges our conventional thinking. He introduces us to people who are working out this calling in different places around the world. An important outcome of Morris’s holistic approach to business and mission is the generation of wealth and its use for kingdom purposes. This is a key insight that we all need to take on board and which could transform our funding sources. Morris makes important points about the restoration of Israel and the central role of the Josephs and the Daniels. There is a prophetic dimension to this book that is itself a call to prayer. It will bless and challenge you as you read.

Dale Neill
International President, International Chamber of Commerce (ICCC); Business executive and owner

This book will enhance your awareness of God’s redemptive purposes that run counter to what the world system portrays to be normal. While explaining the relevance of understanding the times we are living in, it lays a foundation for those who are hungry to intensify the spiritual dimension of their humanity. Accepting the challenge presented to rediscover your Hebraic roots will release another dimension in your Christianity. The insightful explanation of the leadership role for women in God’s Kingdom is both strategic and refreshing. The cautions provided related to “wealth transfer”, serve to enhance the prudence required to avoid pitfalls designed by the enemy to deceive the Elect. Having known Morris for a number of years, I can verify this work flows from a heart that has been seasoned by obedience in suffering, and intimacy with His Savior.


Mike Jacobs
Chairman, Generals International

In every generation there are those who have been given a message. But it’s not enough to have received the message. There’s not a release to bring forth the message until it has passed through the refining fires of years of life experiences. Years of testing the truth of the message. Well, for Morris Ruddick, the time has come. The time to release the Daniel and Joseph message, for with it will come the release of many into the understanding that they were brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this.

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