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Closing the Divide

September 29, 2017
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Self-sufficiency is the strategy necessary for the community of God’s people to survive as a culture within a culture. The temptation over the years has been to “be like everyone else” and to assimilate. Self sufficiency within the household of faith is what protects us from being like everyone else and as a people of God, losing our identity by being absorbed and assimilated.
To accomplish this goal requires big thinking and unity and maturity within the community of believers.  It calls for the full biblical practice of righteousness, of tz’dakah, which is operational community generosity and responsibility. It goes back to the practice of not just feeding the poor, but giving a helping hand to the poor — teaching them to fish so to speak rather than just feeding them and making them dependent on you. That is why independent businesses among God’s people is so important.

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Beyond Ourselves

July 12, 2017
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The Body has been through an intense preparation for what is now on the horizon. In the last generation, the Church that began with a largely disjointed, localized, in-bred, myopic influence is in the struggle to emerge as far more mature, connected and mobilized. For those staying the course and paying the cost and not without serious challenges, it is now closing the gap to a time of making a transforming impact on society. The Messianic passage in Isaiah 61 describes a dimension that operates beyond self. It encompasses a focus uniquely capturing God’s heart, with components that pierce the darkness with His Light. They combine to actuate this dimension and catalyst of “something more,” that ignites the power needed for societal change. Driven by the Spirit and operating within the spiritual veil, again beyond ourselves, this dynamic employs the authority and anointing of dominion to bring restoration and transformation. It is where the turning begins.

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Guard the Gates

January 16, 2017
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In 2017, there are four primary gates that you MUST guard with diligence: The gates of what you see, what you hear, what you feel and what you think. Each of those are strategic portals that the enemy is poised to access upon your permission. In this year, the stakes are high and permission to the enemy must be denied at all costs! Many think that the opposite of faith is fear, but I believe it’s actually sight. (The opposite of fear is trust.) Remember, things aren’t always as they appear and we must walk by faith, not by sight. The voices of the demonic are like the waves of many oceans. The sounds of the demonic are often disguised as reason and logic, as well as counsel and advice from sources that are void of godly roots. In addition to what you see and feel, you must also place a guard on your thoughts and your emotions. Take back the keys of your thought life that you have surrendered in fear. Rise up, bold as a lion, and verbally begin to refute the lies and recite the truth. The enemy will attempt to be your guide down the gallery of fear and dread that is filled with paintings of your past and more importantly of your future. But remember, the canvas of your heart belongs to the Master Creator of the universe and His work in you is a masterpiece. Refuse to take a trip in the enemy’s art gallery, but allow God to paint His vision in you! Scott Reece

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Appointed Authority

December 31, 2016
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Some have become sidelined due to presumption in the use of their spiritual authority. Others, through ignorance or timidity, have been weak in its application. Spiritual authority, like one’s spiritual gifts, has to be applied to be developed. Believers tend toward one extreme or another: either approaching their authority with hesitation, underutilizing the power of God or in overstepping the bounds of their spiritual authority. In overstepping the limits of one’s authority usually involves not understanding their boundaries tied to issues of prayer and action. It can be the result of becoming inebriated and seduced by the illusion of “success” and the employment of presumptive “more of the same harder.” In other words, the divergence from the narrow path begins incorporating prayers and actions outside the realm of the authority God has given. The Apostle Paul wrote: “We do not boast beyond our measure, but within the limits of the sphere that God has appointed us.” There are boundaries God has given to our appointed authority. As we mature spiritually and assume the responsibility of our mantles at each level, that authority, along with our spiritual maturity will change. It will evolve. Within those boundaries, we have an incredible level of authority. Yet, outside those boundaries is the realm in which well-intentioned believers get unnecessarily spiritually nailed.

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Rising Above the Clutter

October 19, 2016
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Today there is a shout calling for the inordinate requirement to get out of the ruts and reach for those higher dimensions, the “something more,” that only God can provide. Compounding this challenge to our spiritual perceptions is a world attempting to redefine reality. The darkness spoken of by Isaiah not only alludes to the creeping evil manifesting its ugly head, but to the shroud that exacerbates the spiritual blindness by redefining history, Scripture and the perception of the legitimate foundations central to what lies ahead for the descendents of Abraham and of Israel and those who fear the Lord. Far too many leaders are functionally trapped, operating in ruts. Ruts are paths made from days past that often are deep and don’t allow you to easily change course. The ruts are deepened by the approval of men and worldly goals of success. To escape the ruts begins and is sustained by knowing Him, knowing Him interactively. To truly know Him we need to be hearing from Him. That means spending time with Him. To escape the ruts will require meekness and humility. It is a meekness and humility willing to pay the cost to face the truth. It is the meekness and humility that recognizes that His strength is manifested in our weakness. It is the humility that resets priorities by paying the cost of facing the truth in order to be cleansed of the clutter of phoniness and foolhardiness derived from the approval of men and influence of the world’s standard. Rising above the clutter of these factors will then become the foundation for releasing the true authority from on high required for the agendas that lie before us.

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Under the Influence

August 11, 2016
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Where the confusion comes in is when doctrine is used as the basis of the identity, the cultural identity of God’s people. The world is looking for the demonstration of the reality of God through a people. What is observed is in the doing. The correction Jesus gave John the Revelator for the Church was within the context of regional spiritual, cultural environments, not individual gatherings of congregations. It reflected the spiritual environments within key regions of the Church of that day. The prophetic message given through John disclosed the influence and impact being made, along with the Lord’s expectation for the unique efforts of the Church in each area. The struggle among God’s people over the centuries has been in maintaining the focus of their cultural identity in God in their everyday lives. This cultural identity in God represents the foundation for being the people of influence for their cultural region.

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The Joseph Calling #5

July 14, 2016
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We need to develop a new mind-set relative to strategic alliances with the Pharaohs and Cyrus’ of our day. Again, this relates strongly to overcoming the mind-set of exclusiveness. This exclusiveness operating within the church is so engrained that it is not always a conscious thing. And breaking out of this old mind-set, will be foundational to be able to seize the Lord’s opportunities with strategic alliances. And there indeed will be unusual strategic alliances.

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The Joseph Calling #4

July 14, 2016
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Joseph not only fed the people, he kept the economy alive. He orchestrated the restoration that was needed when the crisis was over. The verses to this point deal with the general population under Joseph’s charge. But what is significant is what was happening to God’s people during this same time. The answer is in verse 27. “So Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions there and grew and multiplied exceedingly.”

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Joseph Calling #3

July 14, 2016
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It is within these times that a company of Josephs …. some operating individually …… some in groups or networks …… Josephs who, as visionary servant leader administrators …… by the hand of God, are going to be thrust into positions of influence and authority ….. and as a result ….. will be playing a pivotal role in changing the course of nations ….. in preparation for; and as we enter the harvest. Joseph’s most distinguishing characteristics will be…..

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The Joseph Calling #2

July 14, 2016
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These Josephs will be individuals who clearly hear God’s voice and who possess a unique understanding of the times, who will be thrust into positions of influence within the economic, governmental and business infrastructures that guide the course of world events; and much as in the days of Joseph, the needs of the Body and the funding of the coming harvest will be met in unusual ways, as God taps the Body into His unlimited resources and unites us in a common singular vision.

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